Picking up greens & things at my local grocery and I make the mistake of eyeballing the magazine rack next to the conveyor belt. Clearly nobody in the “fitness magazine” world is required to demonstrate the validity of anything they publish. On the cover of “Men’s Health,” I’m told there is a “No-Frills, 1-Month Path to Get Jacked!”

Please, unless you need paper for the bottom of your bird cage, do not buy this rubbish.

Please do not feel you are less of a person because of any images you see in the pages of this rubbish.

And, pretty please, do not waste your time, money, energy, or mental resources believing this rubbish.

Allow me a moment to elaborate, solely on the headline: 

  1. No-frills = no results. If there was any kind of magic “no-frills” workout, every one of us would be doing it. We’d be a nation of no-frills fitness models walking around mostly-naked and brofisting our way through the day. Just say no to “no-frills.” You want frills. They’re good for you!
  2. 1 Month = 12 sessions of lifting in the gym and 16 sessions of stretching at home, if you follow the plan. See above, if 12 sessions of ANYTHING got us “jacked” we’d all immediately stop what we’re doing and devote a month to creating perfect bodies and … see above .. mostly-naked brofisting would ensue across the country. That would be glorious, but it ain’t happening!
  3. Jacked = Not Very Likely. If you are a typical adult with a full time job and any sort of adult responsibilities, you are very UNlikely to get “jacked.” Unless you work in the fitness industry or your paycheck is derived as a professional athlete, you are not going to have the time, money, or other resources required to do this. But, even if you did… somehow… exactly how long do you think you can maintain your state of jackedness? Getting “jacked” is not easy to do, nor easy to maintain. How many “jacked” people do you run into on a daily basis? Do they lead a lifestyle you’d be able to maintain?

And I’ve only dissected the seven word title. We’re not going to get into the value of the actual “program” itself. Or the lack of nutritional support needed to achieve the promised results. Or the recovery techniques you’d need to implement to heal the damage your month-long jackification causes.

A healthy, active lifestyle isn’t difficult.“ But you stand a better chance of finding a sasquatch than you do of getting “jacked” with this no-frills, 1-month plan.

Until you find bigfoot,
Be Brave. Challenge yourself. Know no limits.
-Coach Jon