Mobility is defined as the ability to move or be moved freely and easily. Having an optimal range of motion prepares you to have optimal movement. Let that sink in for a just a second. Now think about the inverse: if you have a poor range of motion, you are preparing for poor movement. And any restrictions to a healthy, freely moving joint creates an increased risk of injury each time that joint is used, especially when used under any increased load. When your body lacks mobility in one area, it compensates in others, possibly compromising your stability, which further leads to risk of injury during many different types of physical training. 

Mobility work plays a critical role in a Post-Normal lifestyle and we actively work to increase range of motion and reduce potential imbalances. We use mobility work to “warm up,” before strength training. We use mobility work to “cool down” after metabolic conditioning. We use mobility work as a form of recovery by increasing blood flow and lengthening tight muscles. And sometimes we use mobility work as a standalone activity to focus on postural stability and movement techniques. 

In the simplest terms: we believe in moving well, and moving often.