First, our chances of ever looking like the model on Your-Fitness-Magazine-of-Choice are pretty close to zero. That guy or gal is very like a fitness-based professional or a fitness model. They get paid based on their appearance and we would NEVER see them if they did not look like a Michelangelo sculpture etched in granite.  Also, that guy or gal is wearing thousands of dollars’ worth of make-up applied by a professional artist. Not to mention the value of a professional photographer and photo editing software. If anyone could look that good by just reading a magazine article, we’d all look like that.

Second, if they’re pitching a specific workout that made them super human, they are certainly NOT doing that workout. They very likely have a professional trainer that puts them through an ever-changing program which damn near kills them and they probably never do the same workout twice. If there was one magical workout that would get us into shape, everyone would do that workout. 

Third, you can NOT get “rock hard abs” by just working out. (You can have the strongest, hardest abs in town but they won’t appear until have lost all but 6% – 10% of your body fat.) And you sure as hell won’t get “rock hard” anything from just a couple of “easy moves.” If it were easy, we’d all have abs.

Finally, you do not have to look like a cover model to feel good or perform well. Fitness isn’t a beauty contest. And a healthy, active lifestyle isn’t something you can do in just four easy sets a week.

What that Fitness Magazine should tell you: Eat real food, challenge yourself on a daily basis, and talk to more people than you text each day. Try those three changes and let me know if they work better than the advice in the magazine article. (Spoiler alert: They will!)