Spoiler alert: Your first triathlon isn’t a test of your physical fitness. It is a test of your mental toughness. In a wetsuit, everyone floats. If you can balance on a bike, you can roll along the course. And the run is finished one step at a time (but everyone has a different pace.) It is the voice in your head that you must overcome. And that is the true challenge of your first triathlon.

Nine weeks of: being brave, challenging ourselves, swimming in cold lakes, biking new roads, and running on zombie legs. But we did it, together.

Everyone crossed the finish line. Everyone was smiling at the end. Several folks brought home medals. Everyone brought home memories. And I brought home more than my fair of pride thanks to the perseverance and determination of so many new triathletes and even some familiar ones.

Traditions Triathlon is often the first event for many people along the Gulf Coast. I hope it is never the last.

If you want to chase this dragon with us, Contact Me. We’ve got room for you!