Thank You Thursday 2018 – Part One

In my continual search to find simple, manageable solutions that create remarkable physiological or psychological benefits, I think I’ve stumbled upon the smallest possible personal change which has the biggest personal impact. I’ve been quietly practicing it for several months. I do it once per day, usually in the morning. It takes around once minute to perform. And I’m blown away by the results.

Tell us, Jon! Tell us this magical practice so that we might try it out for ourselves!

Well, I call it my Gratitude Habit.  During the early stages of my Morning Ritual, I crack open my daily journal and the first thing I do is to write down (at least) three things I’m thankful for from the previous day. That’s it. Sometimes I write more than three. Sometimes I write a list. Sometimes I write full sentences. But I’ve decided that every day should have a minimum of things that I appreciate and are worth a sincere “Thank you!” 

In the month of November, I’m actually posting what I’m thankful for each day on Facebook. And I invite you to take part in this Post-Normal experiment, too.  Gratitude is a positive affirmation of something you find good in this world. So just wake up and start your morning with your own personal Gratitude Habit. You don’t have to do what I do. And you definitely do not have to share your experiment with anyone. But here are some suggestions that would meet the spirit of the challenge: 

  • Spend a moment in bed mentally visualizing one or more things you appreciated from yesterday
  • Use an official Gratitude Journal to record your thoughts
  • Count your blessings on a notepad in the morning
  • Thumb them into an app on your phone
  • Or write them somewhere in your daily calendar or productivity journal

The important pieces of gratitude are: First recognizing that you feel something positive happened and second attributing that positive outcome to an external source.

That’s it! Once a day for thirty days, and your Post-Normal November Challenge is complete.

If you have questions or concerns, please let me know. And if you are curious about the results of studies on developing a Gratitude Mindset or using a Gratitude Habit, check our my November Series: Thank Your Thursday, on the Post-Normal Facebook Page. The first video covered everything above. The next four will have some truly fascinating details that might surprise you. I hope you join me.

Be Brave. Challenge Yourself. Know No Limits.
Coach Jon

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