Supplementary Advice

If you’re like me, you are lazy. Or maybe we are just terribly busy and we don’t have the time or mental resources to research every critical detail of every possible product on the supplement market. Either way, we all usually lean on the power marketing materials to influence our buying decisions. (Because if I’ve never heard of a product, I’m certainly never going to buy it, regardless of its price or efficacy!)

Along those lines, I’m often asked by friends and clients for advice: “Which protein should I use? Which vitamins are the best? Which fish oil supplement do you take?”

While I’m happy to say exactly which products I use, what people should understand is: Why I use the products.

Enter These guys are completely independent of the supplement companies and dig into all the big products to see if the reality lives up to the marketing materials and claims we are bombarded with. Labdoor grades and ranks the products, writes reports, and publishes their information FOR FREE.

If a product isn’t on, I do not buy it. If a product does not receive high marks, especially for efficacy, I do not buy it. And if a product has a low value based on its price, I do not buy it. After digging through Labdoor’s reviews, I made a number of interesting discoveries. (Spoiler alert: You’re going to notice a trend.) The protein I had used for YEARS, tested low on efficacy, even though it was expensive and heavily marketed. So I changed my protein product. The fish oil I had used for YEARS, tested low on efficacy, even though it was expensive and heavily marked. So I changed fish oils. And the very expensive multivitamin I had used for years wasn’t even listed. Why? Because it had received an unflattering review and its manufacturer asked Labdoor to remove the review. So, I removed that product from my shopping cart and replaced it with a highly effective product that offered a big value for its price.

So while I’ll tell you which products I use, you’re better off knowing why I use them. And you’re also better off if you can check out other products and make extremely informed decisions for yourself. arms us all with that information and I encourage you to explore this fabulous resource and see how it can change YOUR shopping cart.

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