Lifestyle Management

Because not everyone has a competitive goal, Post-Normal offers bespoke, individualized Lifestyle Management to help you achieve a healthy, active and sustainable lifestyle. As with our athletes, we want to Build a Better You.

Your personal program will be designed to address your specific needs in areas including:

  • Conditioning – We can develop physical changes that are in line with your goals, starting today. Strength exercise, power exercise, endurance exercise, lifting weights, intervals, cardio, bigger/stronger/faster, metabolic, etc. We can design the exercise adaptations you need.
  • Movement – We will assess your current movements to determine limits and faults then help you move well and move often. Evaluation, realignment, and relearning are important aspects in achieving high quality movement and a pain-free, safe, functional, long-working body.
  • Food Choices – What you eat, how much you eat, when you eat, are important factors in a healthy lifestyle. Our focus is helping you achieve a better nutritional status (ie: ensuring your micro and macro balance is good) and a goal of: right stuff, right amount, and right time.
  • Eating Behaviors – When do you eat? Who do you eat with? How fast do you eat? Your food culture and beliefs. Your food budget and preferences. These are all choices that should be made within your specific context, with a focus on both nutrition and enjoyment.
  • Self-Management – What are your priorities? Are your behaviors in line with them? What can we do to get them in line? Provoking gentle self-discovery, helping align words and actions, and coaching you past fear and ambivalence is our focus. A healthy lifestyle is easy, when it is resonant in your life. What can we do to help you recharge and rejuvenate you, as a person?
  • Self-Care – How much sleep do you get? What are your recovery practices? How do you manage stress? We focus on building safe strategies for self-care and making it a part of your healthy, active lifestyle.
We cannot drag you into a long term Lifestyle Change. But we can help manage making the change appealing. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE OR SIGN UP L

Triathlon Coaching

We know you likely have very individualized needs and we are flexible. Triathletes in search of dedicated coaching can receive a customized package of services to provide them with everything needed to prepare for their season at affordable rates.

Options for your program can include:

  • Assessments in all three triathlon sports
  • Video Analysis
  • Medical History Review
  • Functional Movement Screenings
  • Functional Strength Recommendations
  • Race Planning
  • Nutritional Planning
  • Recovery Planning
  • Equipment Selection
  • Meeting Short-term & Long-term Goals
  • Weekly Reviews
  • One-on-One Instructions

Triathlon distances for your program can include:

  • Short Course (Super Sprint, Sprint, or Olympic)
  • Ironman 70.3 course
  • Ironman 140.6 course



Obstacle Course Coaching

Today’s Obstacle Course Races combine off-road trails and mud runs with various physical challenges in the form of obstacles. The events are designed to test the athletes’ physical and mental endurance. Post-Normal programming develops strength, speed, agility, mobility, balance, power, and cardiovascular endurance to make you a well-round and mult-functional athlete.

Options for your program could include:

  • Personal Fitness Review & Recommendations
  • Personal Mobility Review & Recommendations
  • Beginner Race Planning
  • Advanced Race Planning
  • Fuel Planning
  • Racing Gear Selection
  • Obstacle Construction Guides
  • Weekly Reviews
  • One-on-One Instructions



Speaking & Workshops

Coach Jon earned several extremely boring degrees in technology and literature. He holds multiple coaching certifications, has decades of experience thriving in high-pressure corporate environments, and he spent years focusing on self-experimentation & personal improvement. He is a sought-after speaker on the topics of health, wellness, nutrition, technology, and lifestyle management. Jon has over 10 years of speaking experience ranging from corporate wellness, keynote to local television appearances.

  • Modern Technology & Self-Discovery
      • What Gets Monitored Gets Managed
      • How To Go From Full-Time Nerd To Ironman Finisher
  • Eating Like A Caveman
      • Getting Primal In Modern Life
      • Lifestyle Habits Our Ancestors Should Have Taught Us
  • The Modern Basics of Nutrition & Healthy Living
      • How Vogue Magazine Invented The Diet Industry
      • A Calorie Isn’t A Calorie
      • Eat Easy, Live Hard
  • You’re A Nerd, Too
      • Jon’s Personal Health Story: How He Went From A Pre-Hypertensive, Pre-Diabetic, Chronic Insomniac With An Incurable Disease To Achieving Everything His Doctors Said Was Impossible.
      • How Your Job & Our Culture Is Killing Us In The Same Ways
      • How To Change, While You Can