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Running Program  – Winter – 2017

Due to scheduling conflicts, the Running Program for Winter 2017 is being postponed until Spring 2018.

Reviews From Past Participants:
“I have been in the running program since the start and have truly learned how to make running much easier on my body. In just a few short weeks my mile time has dropped from 10:35 to 7:20 just by learning the correct form and I have gone from a max distance of 1.5 miles to 8 miles with active recovery training. I highly recommend everyone looking to enhance their body knowledge and breathing during workouts to participate in the program next time it comes around. It has enhanced the ability of my overall fitness tenfold. ” – Alice L.

“Before the running program, the run part of any workout was the most dreaded part for me.  Now, while I’m not exactly doing cartwheels when I see it, I’m slightly eager to take off because of how far I’ve come and how much better the program has made me at runs off all different levels”  – Bryan K.