Post-Normal Resolutions – Part Two

Alright, so we got simple. We got measurable. How else can we set ourselves up for success in 2018?

Here’s another consideration for creating your own Post-Normal Resolution: Make it a habit, not a goal.

“Whatchutalkingabout, Jon?” you ask.

Here are some goal-based resolutions: Lose weight. Fit into a bikini by spring. Win a 5K. Find a buried treasure chest.

Here are some habit-based resolutions: Not eat after 6p. Drink a 30g protein shake for breakfast. Run 1 mile, 3 times a week. Dig a hole in a random yard each Sunday morning.

See the difference? With a habit-based resolution, you are not setting yourself up for potential failure by chasing an outcome. Instead you pick a habit with a positive eventual outcome and you stick to it.

I won’t promise you’ll find that buried treasure, but the other habit-based resolutions will put you on a path to success. Plus they’re simple. And, cunningly enough, they’re measurable! See how I did that? Is that clever, or what?

60 Days without Energy Drinks

Two months ago, I took my last sip of an energy drink. To be fair, I only had as One-Drink-A-Day Habit. But in early November I noticed that I started to crave more each day. And once those cravings became an incessant internal voice badgering for another, I went Cold Turkey. So here is the What, Why, and How of that adventure. What was I consuming? My drink of choice was Bang. Low calorie. Low/no sugar. Vitamins. Minerals. Branch Chain Amino Acids. CoQ10. Caffeine (of course.) And even creatine! Plus, it tasted pretty nummy. I usually had one, after lunch, to keep me fired up for the rest of the day. Why did I quit? Despite the promising contents, it came with several negatives. Not the least of

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What A Tangled Sole We Wiiv

Bear with me. Briefly. (Thanks!) I’m going to have one of those flashback-moments… It is 2009. I stroll into my local triathlon store. A bright, smiling sneaker-sales-lass convinces me to stand on Dr Scholl’s Foot Fit Kiosk. Lo and behold, Your Humble Narrator’s feet have some of the highest arches in the South East! Fortunately, Dr Scholl’s happens to have a solution. And for a decade, I’ve worn generic orthotics with some degree of improvement over previous decades. Okay. We’re back in 2019! The march of technology has continued at a rapid pace. Ten days ago, I stop by Wiivv’s Website, load their app on my phone, and take two curated pictures of each foot. Today… BOOM! Custom-made, 3D printed orthotics are waiting to join me on the

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