Post-Normal Resolutions – Part Two

Alright, so we got simple. We got measurable. How else can we set ourselves up for success in 2018?

Here’s another consideration for creating your own Post-Normal Resolution: Make it a habit, not a goal.

“Whatchutalkingabout, Jon?” you ask.

Here are some goal-based resolutions: Lose weight. Fit into a bikini by spring. Win a 5K. Find a buried treasure chest.

Here are some habit-based resolutions: Not eat after 6p. Drink a 30g protein shake for breakfast. Run 1 mile, 3 times a week. Dig a hole in a random yard each Sunday morning.

See the difference? With a habit-based resolution, you are not setting yourself up for potential failure by chasing an outcome. Instead you pick a habit with a positive eventual outcome and you stick to it.

I won’t promise you’ll find that buried treasure, but the other habit-based resolutions will put you on a path to success. Plus they’re simple. And, cunningly enough, they’re measurable! See how I did that? Is that clever, or what?

123 Days Of Stepping It Up

In Dec of 2018, I had my first 30 day streak with 6,000-10,000 steps per day. At the time, I thought: 30 wasn’t bad, lets do 60! In early Feb of 2019, I had my first 60 day streak with 6,000-10,000 steps per day. So I thought : 60 wasn’t bad, lets do 100! In late March of 2019, I had my first 100 day streak with 6,000-10,000 steps per day. And in April, it hit 123 days, with no sign of stopping. Odd as it may sound, by lunch time I can usually feel if I’m going to be short on steps or not And by evening time, I’ll start figuring out what needs to be done to keep the streak alive for the day. Being mindful

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Six Months Without Coffee

Six months ago, with little fanfare and no real planning, I stopped drinking coffee. For me, it wasn’t a difficult change. I simply replaced it with a custom blend of tea. And I’ve been impressed enough with the results to stick with it. If you’re curious or on the fence about a change of your own, keep reading. First, why did I want to give up coffee? At the time, I was drinking a cup of modified Bullet Proof Coffee for breakfast, and two to three additional cups throughout the day. As with most coffee drinkers, I noticed the effects of the caffeine wore off quicker. It felt like dropping off a cliff. And I’d even get a bit cranky between cups. Plus, I don’t like cheap stuff.

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