Your Two-Week Post-Normal Challenge

The Easiest Guide to Getting Started With A Healthy, Active Lifestyle

You probably already know that obesity rates in American have reached epidemic proportions. You probably also know that a sedentary lifestyle contributes to the problem. 1 in 3 Americans, including our children, are now considered obese.

Have you tried all the trendy diets without long term success? If so, you’re not alone. Almost 70% of people trying fad diets report that they failed to achieve the results they wanted. 95% of those will relapse on another diet. And even if somebody does complete a fad diet, 65% of the time, they will end up gaining all of their weight back that they lose within a year of ending their diet.

What about the gym? Have you tried to work out and had poor success there? You’re not alone there, either. 80% of people who join a gym in January will quit within five months. And only about 18% of people who buy a gym membership will use it consistently.

But Post-Normal Systems has a different solution. A simple, easy, self-paced solution to help you adopt a healthy, active lifestyle. And you’re invited to try a Two-Week Challenge, for free!

Throughout the course of Your Challenge, you’ll work on:
Developing positive habits to support your body
Improving your nutrition, one step at a time
Improving your movement each day
And a simple, 3 Move workout that gradually improves your strength and conditioning

The free Post-Normal Systems app will guide you through the whole process. You’ll have access to our private group site. And you can get support all along the way.

This program is designed so that anyone can do it, no matter how busy or complicated their schedule. And you’ll get tips and strategies you can instantly adopt so that you can start feeling results by the end of Your Challenge.

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  • Learn the 2 Easiest Things To Focus On Today

    You don’t need a painfully restrictive diet or hours suffering in the gym to get started. There’s a reason why people who do that fail over and over again.

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  • Optional One-on-One Coaching Available

    Customized habits, nutrition, or training programs can be built for your specific needs and desired results.

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See What Our Amazing Clients Have to Say

My Step-Son, Jeffery started with Coach Jon in 2017 to improve his running form and times for high school football. Jeffery was needing improvements in almost all areas. After 9 weeks, Jeffery's stride had lengthened tremendously, his endurance was greatly improved, his mechanics became more sound and his confidence rose quickly. He went from just under a 10 minute mile pace to a 7:15 per mile pace by the end of the program. Coach Jon's program changed everything about Jeffery's running and gave him an understanding of what and why each thing he learned was important. Coach Jon is also very excellent at personal attention for each person he is working with guiding them to where they want to be. beginner or experienced runner, coach can help you and work with your individual needs. If you want to push yourself to become a better runner and improve every element of running, Coach Jon is your man.


I have been training with Coach Jon since March 6, 2017, when I finally decided I’d had enough of being overweight and living with constant knee pain.  At the start of my journey, I was 219.9 lbs. and it took me 39 seconds to cover 100-yards with a terrible hitch in my step. Using his expertise, my running form significantly improved, and together we developed a weight-loss goal.  My initial goal was to run a 5K by my 50th birthday, and after our first eight-week program, I lost nearly 15 lbs., and I completed my first 5K race in more than 35 years!  I ended up with a second-place finish for my age group at that race, while also placing at several other similar events, including the Gulf Coast Classic 5K that Coach Jon ran with me this year.  Since then, I’ve trained with him for my first obstacle course race and just completed the Battleship 12K on Veteran’s Day, 2018, running further than I ever had before! My personal transformation continues as I’m attending Coach Jon’s strength and conditioning program to prepare for new challenges and goals in 2019 and beyond.  I currently weigh 30 lbs. less than when I began working with him, and I know for a fact his programs work! With Coach Jon leading the way, you’ll experience an inevitable positive personal change, and I’m so glad I made that first call to him.