My Blooper Reel

With few exceptions, I don’t show you my blooper reel. I didn’t share my first dozen godawful sessions in the pool. Especially the ones where I was literally slamming my fists into the water with frustration and anger because of my inability to breath right or sight right. I didn’t share post pics of me doubled over and about to hurl the first time I “ran” a mile. You didn’t see the look on my face after my first bike ride. It was all bad and I’m thankful that none of it (as far as I know!) was documented for posterity.

Transitioning from a life-long, lethargic alpha nerd to a healthy, active athlete will never be described as quick or easy or pleasant. It was effectively a multi-year blooper reel. And very little of it was photogenic or worthy of documenting for posterity.

If you want to make a similar change, here’s the good news:

…you will feel much better than you have in years, or decades.

…you will look much better than you have in years, or decades.

…you will move, lift, sleep, and even THINK better than you have in years, or decades.

..your friends will ask you what you’ve been doing to improve.

…you will ask yourself why you waited so long to improve.

But (you knew there was a but, didn’t you?) here’s the bad news:

…being lazy and sedentary is much easier than being active and challenging yourself physically.

…changing years or decades of unhealthy eating/drinking is frustrating on the best of days and discouraging the rest of the time.

…you might have friends or family who sabotage you with negative comments, bad advice, or question you every step of the way.

…time and money and will power are limited resources and you’re going to have part with some or all of those on a routine basis.

Lot’s of challenges and blooper reels ahead for you. However, if you stay on the path, your happiness and health and productivity will continue for years and decades to come.

It is up to you: Stay with your new normal, or make the leap and become Post-Normal. Let me know what you want to do…

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