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A paid membership will give you direct access to the Post-Normal experience and help prepare you for the best shape of your life. Your paid membership includes all of benefits of the Free Membership, plus:

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  • Access to an abundance of training programs such as: General Strength & Conditioning, Mobility, Running programs (Couch to 5k, 10k, Half Marthon, and Marathon,) Triathlon programs (Sprint, Olympic, Ironman 70.3, and Ironman 140.6,) and Obstacle Course Racing programs.
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  • Masterclass Videos on topics such as developing personalized supplementation, heart rate variability, nootropics, boosting testosterone, mobility, nutrition, and more.

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If you have gone beyond the basic training and want to achieve superior levels of performance, join the elite group of competitors getting customized training to reach their specific goals. Your paid membership includes all the previous benefits, plus:

  • Personal assessment of your current condition, including blood work, body analysis, range of motion, and performance metrics.
  • Individualized training programs, customized to your schedule, that will help you meet or exceed your goals or desired race results.
  • Personal mobility plan focusing on your specific limiters or faults.
  • Individualized nutrition plans, based on your analysis, to get you into prime shape for your performance.
  • Personal fueling plans to help you throughout your race.
  • Weekly group video session to discuss goals, performance, and community support.
  • Weekly individual video session to keep you motivated and accountable