Life is busy. Schedules are crazy. We feel great in our 20s and wake up a decade (or more) later, and nothing feels great anymore.

We just want to feel good again. Look good again. Have confidence.  But research demonstrates that 95% of people who start a diet on their own will end up putting it back on. In any given year, anywhere between 65% and 80% of self-coached runners get laid up with an injury. And gym equipment-related injuries now exceed more than 500,000 per year, in the US alone.

We try to do what we think is right. But it doesn’t work. And sometimes we end up getting worse. What’s the solution?

At Post-Normal systems, we coach individuals through improving their skills, knowledge, and relationship with exercise, movement, and food. Our goal is to provide a producive, comfortable environment that fosters positive changes that help you achieve your own healthy, active and sustainable lifestyle.

Because each client is unique and has their own specific situation, each Lifestyle Management Program is different. Your personalized program will be designed to address your specific needs in areas including:

  • Conditioning – We can develop physical changes that are in line with your goals, starting today. Strength exercise, power exercise, endurance exercise, lifting weights, intervals, cardio, bigger/stronger/faster, metabolic, etc. We can design the exercise adaptations you need.
  • Movement – We will assess your current movements to determine limits and faults then help you move well and move often. Evaluation, realignment, and relearning are important aspects in achieving high quality movement and a pain-free, safe, functional, long-working body.
  • Food Choices – What you eat, how much you eat, when you eat, are important factors in a healthy lifestyle. Our focus is helping you achieve a better nutritional status (ie: ensuring your micro and macro balance is good) and a goal of: right stuff, right amount, and right time.
  • Eating Behaviors – When do you eat? Who do you eat with? How fast do you eat? Your food culture and beliefs. Your food budget and preferences. These are all choices that should be made within your specific context, with a focus on both nutrition and enjoyment.
  • Self-Management – What are your priorities? Are your behaviors in line with them? What can we do to get them in line? Provoking gentle self-discovery, helping align words and actions, and coaching you past fear and ambivalence is our focus. A healthy lifestyle is easy, when it is resonant in your life. What can we do to help you recharge and rejuvenate you, as a person?
  • Self-Care – How much sleep do you get? What are your recovery practices? How do you manage stress? We focus on building safe strategies for self-care and making it a part of your healthy, active lifestyle.
Regardless of your current fitness level, our goal is to Build a Better You. We cannot drag you into a long term Lifestyle Change. But we can help manage making the change appealing.  Let’s get started, today.COMPLETE THE FORM BELOW TO SIGN UP