When I’m asked, “What should I do to get better,” my answer is usually a variation of: more than you are doing now. Why? Because if you want to be better, it is clear to both of us that whatever you are doing right now is not sufficient to meet your goal.

You are either doing too little or your goal is too much. So either you change your goals or you change what you are doing. But something has got to give.

Unfortunately our bodies not only adapt to what we’re doing but our bodies also adapt to what we are NOT doing. If you are not used to walking more than 1000 steps per day, getting your average to 2000 will seem like a challenge because your body is not used to 2000, let alone 3000, 5000, or 10000 and then the person who is only used to 1000 steps per day is likely to get frustrated or hurt or both when trying to run 5k on the first Saturday of the New Year. And even if they are used to doing 5ks and they want to be in BETTER shape, they’re going to have to do more to get in shape for 10k or a half marathon or a marathon. Therefore, to achieve your goals you have to be prepared to do more and you have to intimately accept that action is inherently better than inaction.

One of my personal mottoes: when faced with a choice, ere on the side of action. Doing something is always better than doing nothing.