Building on our success in 2018, the New Year is shaping up to be bigger and better than ever.

First up, we’ll continue the live Facebook video series. Starting in February with several we’ll take on new topics including: breath work, mobility, and nutrition.

Next, more hands-on training camps will be offered throughout the year. Right now we’re on the second week of our first OCR Camp, which will conclude with a Spartan Sprint in Saraland, AL. By mid-year, we’ll fire up another Ironman training camp, geared towards athletes competing in October races.

And after a lot of programing and Beta testing, Post-Normal Training Apps will available on your phone! The programs will include OCR Training, Tri Training, and a special Two Week Challenge for people who are just getting started on their road to a healthy, active lifestyle.

Finally, on a personal basis, 2019 will be my busiest race season in a long time. Currently planning on six Duathlons, six Spartan OCRs, and one Ironman!

It will be a year full of coaching and training and racing and new adventures. Buckle up, hit the ignition, and don’t touch the brakes! It’s gonna be an amazing ride. And I hope you’ll join me…