Work capacity across broad time and modal domains.

Your Month-long Jackification

Picking up greens & things at my local grocery and I make the mistake of eyeballing the magazine rack next to the conveyor belt.

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I Could Not Do It Alone

We recently wrapped-up a private, group-based, Weight Loss Challenge for a local organization. We finished the final session with an exceptionally difficult workout. Afterwards,

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Why Your Efforts In The Gym Aren’t Working

“I’m in the gym five days a week, two hours a day,” she says. “I’m doing 8 super sets for each body type. Five

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You Don’t Need A Gym

Following on the heels of “You Don’t Need A Diet,” is today’s advice: You don’t need a gym. In fact, if you have not

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Why Fitness?

In any given conversation about creating a healthy lifestyle or restoring health and wellness, some variation of this question is going to be asked:

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