A note from Jon: Thank you for trying to learn a little more about me. Sadly, I think my ‘story’ will be familiar to many people these day. After decades sitting behind a desk, staring at a screen or a phone, I had let myself deteriorate to the point where my clothes were growing quicker than the national debt, doing any activity other than walking was a struggle, and health conditions were developing that would require multiple medications (for the rest of my life!) if I did not do something.

So I did what anyone would normally do: I spent months in the gym, mastering the army of machines. Lifting until I could barely move. Always thinking I was just a couple of workouts from rippling pecs and washboard abs. Floating from one unsuccessful diet to the next. One week avoiding eating anything that resembled fats. The next week trying to live on just weight watching shakes. I did all the popular workouts. I followed all of the popular plans. And I religiously took all the newest supplements.

But despite my most sincere efforts, my waistline grew quicker than my pecks. My abs never revealed themselves. My blood pressure kept slowly creeping to new heights. My spine was a train wreck. And, even though I was constantly tired, I had chronic insomnia. The harder I tried, the worse I would get. Where was the beautiful body the gym and the television and the muscle magazines promised me? 

And what did my doctors say? Modern medicine offered plenty of solutions: pills for blood pressure, pills for sleeping, pills for moods, and pills for side effects of the other pills.

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. You are a victim of the New Normal. Along with tens, if not hundreds, of millions of other people, trying to stay healthy and happy, but not getting the results we so desperately need.

So this is what the New Normal looks like:

What did I do?

I stopped reading the fitness magazines, I stopped following the fad diets, and I stopped doing all the “Your New Body In Six Easy Steps” workouts. I changed my views on food, I changed my views of fitness, I stopped making excuses or procrastinated, and started actively working towards fitness goals that once seemed impossible.

It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t quick. I made mistakes. And I re-learned an entire lifetime worth of lessons. But I lost the weight. My blood pressure went to excellent levels. My blood sugar is spectacular. I sleep at night. I compete in endurance sports across the country, like IronMan races & Spartan events.

With the experiences and lessons I’ve learned, I help other people reclaim their lives the way I reclaimed mine.

If my story sounds similar to yours, if you’ve tried to do everything right but received poor results, and if you are ready for a change, I can help. Get in touch. We can discuss your goals and you can achieve them. If an unhealthy, lethargic, non-athletic computer nerd can transform his life, what can YOU do?

Be Brave. Challenge Yourself. Embrace This Journey.